Most youth theatres or junior drama clubs will be operating in rooms where the staging area consists of one end of a large hall. This means that, for an audience to be able to see their young actors performing, you will need some kind of free-standing raised staging. Staging blocks, or rostra, are the best means of creating a stage where none exists. It is advisable to spend as much of your budget as possible on some sturdy, long-lasting, stackable professional staging blocks. Try to purchase as many as you need initially, or look for staging blocks that you can add to over time.

Stage Systems Limited have some great staging units for schools and youth theatres. Find them in our online Directory.

Place your staging blocks near to the hall side doors, to give your actors places where they can enter and exit. The central aisle through the audience can also be used for performing and exiting.

An alternative to your students performing on raised blocks is to raise the audience instead. Raked seating – where the auditorium seating is on an upwards slope away from the stage – gives those at the back a better view than if the seats were all on the same level. Many studio productions are given where the actors perform on the flat, and the audience are in tiered seating. It works well for many halls where fixed seating, or staging blocks, are not an option or not a preferred choice. A variety of portable units are available to create tiered seating and ASG Stage Products have a number of different options. Find them in our Directory.

If you have little time, and a larger budget, you can call in a company who will provide a bespoke staging package. This can include a raised stage, backdrop, curtains and lighting – effectively creating a ‘proscenium arch’ stage in any hall or gym. Search for a specialist company that can provide what you need in our online Directory of Suppliers, Specialists and Service Providers.

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