Once upon a time three bears lived in a house in the woods. They were called Little Bear, Middle-sized Bear and Big Bear. Their house, which they kept very neat and tidy, was full of just the right-sized things - bowls, cups, spoons, chairs, beds - anything you could think of.

One morning it was Big Bear's turn to make the breakfast. He ladled the porridge into the bowls, just the right amount in each. But when they sat down to eat, the porridge was far too hot. The three bears decided to go for a walk while it cooled.

Two minutes after they had set off, who should come past their house but a little girl called Goldilocks. Goldilocks was a naughty child who always did exactly what she wanted. She shouldn't even have been in the woods (her mummy had sent her to the shop to buy some milk). But there she was and she knew the bears were out walking. She tried the door. It wasn't locked, so in she went.

Goldilocks spied what was on the table. "Porridge!" She licked her lips. "My favourite!" She tried the porridge in Big Bear's bowl first. "Ow!" She cried. "That's far too hot." She spat it out. Next she tried the porridge in Middle-sized Bear's bowl. "Ugh!" She said. "That's far too cold!" She spat that out too. Last she tried the porridge in Little Bear's bowl. "Mmm!" She said. "That's just right!" And she gobbled it all up.

Then, because she needed a rest after all her wandering about in the woods, Goldilocks tried Big Bear's chair. "That's far too hard," she said. "No good to me." Then she sat in Middle-sized Bear's chair. "That's much too soft," she said. "Very uncomfortable." Finally, she tried Little Bear's chair. "Just right," she said. But as she made herself more comfortable, the chair collapsed and completely broke apart!

But Goldilocks was determined to have a rest so upstairs she went and opened the bedroom door. First she tried Big Bear's bed, but it was too lumpy. Next she tried Middle-sized Bear's bed but that was too hard and uncomfortable. Last she tried Little Bear's bed. It was perfect! Without even taking off her shoes, Goldilocks tucked herself in and went straight to sleep.

Meanwhile the bears returned home from their walk. They hung their coats up neatly and went to eat their porridge. Except, except…

"Who's been eating my porridge?" Big Bear growled. "They've even left the spoon in it." "And who's been eating my porridge?" Asked Middle-sized Bear. "And who's been eating my porridge, and eaten it all up?" Little Bear sobbed. The three bears looked about. Someone had been in their house without permission and they didn't like that one little bit.

"Who's been sitting in my chair," Big Bear growled, "and thrown my cushion onto the floor!" "Who's been sitting in my chair," growled Middle-sized Bear, "and made my cushion all squashed!" "Who's been sitting in my chair," sobbed Little Bear, "they've broken it all up!" And he cried even louder.

"Sshh!" Big Bear said. "What's that noise?" The three bears listened. "It's someone snoring," said Middle-sized Bear. The three bears looked at each other. "Whoever it is, they're still here!" Little Bear said. The three bears crept upstairs.

They went into the bedroom. "Who's been lying on my bed," Big Bear growled, "my bed covers are all creased!" "Who's been lying on my bed," grumbled Middle-sized Bear, "the pillows are all messed up!" "Who's been lying on my bed," squeaked Little Bear, "and, look, they're still lying in it!" He shouted.

Little Bear's shrill voice woke Goldilocks up with a start. She took one look at the bears standing in a row along one side of the bed, jumped out of the other side, ran through the door, down the stairs and out of the house as fast as her legs would carry her, trampling all over the flowers planted neatly in the garden as she went.

"How dare she sleep in my bed!" Exclaimed Little Bear. "She's trampled all over the flowers!" Grumbled Middle-sized Bear. "She hasn't even closed the gate!" Moaned Big Bear. And they went about putting their house in order again.

What happened to Goldilocks no one knows. Maybe her mother just scolded her for not bringing the milk. Or maybe she did something worse, when she found out where Goldilocks had been and what she had really been up to!

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