• Select your audition piece carefully. Make sure it suits you and shows off your abilities.
  • Prepare! Rehearse and learn your audition piece properly. Know the play (or book, or story) that it comes from. Practise sight reading – get an adult or teacher to help you. Learn the lines!
  • Don’t audition in costume, in unsuitable clothes, or in too much make up. Be clean, wear clothes you can move in, tie your hair back and wear your glasses if you need to.
  • Find out about the company you’re auditioning for – know what they do, how they rehearse, what the timetable will be. Get information about the play or production you’re auditioning for. Never go into an audition totally blind.  
  • Get there on time! Don’t arrive in a sweaty panic. Allow time to find the building, find the audition room, go to the loo, have a drink of water, read your audition piece again. Remove any gum you might be chewing and make sure you’ve had a snack and, if possible, cleaned your teeth. Show that you’ve made an effort.
  • Think in advance what might be expected of you – some improvisation? Sight reading? A dance, a song? Will you have to play a musical instrument? Show off your gymnastic skills? Practise and prepare for these as best you can. 
  • Try to remain calm and control your emotions. Don’t let nerves get the better of you, either by talking too much or too little. Listen carefully to what’s being asked of you. Be prepared to go with the flow and don’t freak out if you’re asked to do something you’re not expecting.
  • Be polite to the people auditioning you and kind to your fellow auditionees. It’s a fine line between pushing yourself forward and stepping on other people. Be generous and humble as much as you are eager and committed. Don’t let stress make you angry, terrified, or over-emotional. Treat others as you’d like to be treated. No one likes a show off.
  • Talking of pushy…if you are doing this for your mum, dad, guardian, aunty, Godmother, long lost cousin, or other family member…don’t. Only audition if it’s what you really want to do. Don’t let anyone push you into it. Similarly, don’t let anyone dissuade you if it’s what you really want. Have all of the discussions and arguments before you actually get to the audition room! Know what’s right for you.
  • Enjoy! If acting is what you love to do, then love it. Smile. Be positive. Be energised, concentrate, focus. Embrace the whole experience.

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