Legends are great for creating theatrical performances and there are many different versions of each legend to choose from. Arts On The Move has turned a version of The Legend of St. George and the Dragon into a fabulous one act play which is perfect for celebrating St George’s Day! Aesop’s fables provide great morals with each short story, usually using animals as the central characters, and are perfect for bringing to life through drama and improvisation. The Dove and the Ant prompts discussion on how to help others and The Travellers and the Bear explores what it means to be a good friend. 


St George and the DragonA legend is a very old story or set of stories from ancient times, or the stories, not always true, that people tell about a famous event or person. The Legend of King Arthur and the Legend of Robin Hood are amongst the most famous.


Aesop's Fables

DoveThe fables, or stories, accredited to Aesop are all very short so keep the attention of children and feature familiar animals loved by children.


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