A selection of different poems that can be used for drama, movement, improvisation and performance sessions. They include descriptive poems linked to the seasons of autumn and spring and narrative poems including a WW1 poem, a parable-style poem and all verses of the story of The Pied Piper of Hamelin.

Other great poems to use as a basis for drama, English and PSHE lessons are:

Timothy Winters by Charles Causley. Available in Collected Poems 1951-2000 or from The Poetry Archive website (used by permission of David Higham Associates)

The Identification by Roger McGough. Available in Collected Poems, publ. Penguin 2004, ISBN 978-0141014555 Kindle edition also available.

Four o’clock Friday by John Foster. Available in The Poetry Chest, publ. Oxford University Press 2007, ISBN 978-0192763419


Seasonal Poetry

Two descriptive poems, The Little Plant  and The Leaves, ideal for drama or movement sessions.


Narrative Poetry

Narrative poems tell stories and form a great basis for drama and improvisation work.


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