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Ten Scripts Bundle

by Clive Hulme

Ten Short Scripts is a set of ten unfinished scripts which require students to memorise lines and then devise endings. Line memorisation and devising are two basic skills for GCSE Drama and should be introduced as soon as possible to students, not left until their final project!

Ten Slightly Longer Scripts, like its baby brother, Ten Short Scripts, requires students to memorise and perform, just like they will need to do for GCSE Drama. This set of scripts is, as the name suggests, longer than the first set and each script is complete in itself, making this set’s focus more page-to-stage than devising.

Type: drama pack, script
Subject: scripts, general
Age Range:KS2, KS3, Young Adult


This resource can be purchased as a download-only version. The individual components are supplied in Acrobat (pdf) or Word (docx) formats. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader (or a similar PDF reader) or Word.
All the files are provided in a single zip file.

ISBN: n/a
Price: £15.00
Sale: £12.00

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